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After one of the most challenging years in history, as incoming Chair, I have been pleased to see the strong cross sector partnerships that have delivered outstanding results across York and North Yorkshire.

In the last year, our Growth Hub has supported over 22,000 businesses.

Successful completion of our £127m five-year Local Growth Fund deal has delivered 52 major infrastructure projects. 

As competition for funding increases, and as a rural area, we have a compelling story to tell of the contribution we can make as we continue to deliver on our promises. York and North Yorkshire thrives on challenge and we are ready for the future.

In response to COVID, our ‘Reshaping the Economy’ plan builds on our Local Industrial Strategy, providing a clear route to recovery. Working together, these plans will enable York and North Yorkshire to not only recover, but to prosper as a Greener, Fairer, and Stronger region. 

Our businesses and communities have shown great resilience, unity, and incredible spirit to come through the past year. Together with our partners, we can attract and deliver investments across the region, ensuring that all of our places – rural, towns, coastal, and the City of York – can take advantage of the positive opportunities that arise through challenging change.

Now is the time to be bold and deliver a clear message.

Invest in York and North Yorkshire. We have ambition, plans, and a pipeline of investments that will deliver not only on the levelling-up agenda, but also on UK climate goals to become England’s first carbon-negative region.

Together, we can drive good growth and be a Greener, Fairer and Stronger region for all.